Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. ā€” Izaak Walton


For all of you, my journey has just begun.

For me, this journey began a long time ago. I have been collecting my carefully-chosen bricks and laying them on my path one by one, ensuring the foundation is sound to step into the light and run for President in 2020. I am not niave, I do not live in a cave. Part of my conviction is having traveled our great country, seeing the diversity of nature, culture and of us. I know and love our country and our people more than anyone. It is my one desire, my single focus, to unite our country, knowing our greatness.

I have a very strong voice and running for any other political position would be a disservice to our country. I remember in 2005, when I was visiting my grandma on leave from Fort Bragg – we were watching the news and something came on about the Iraq war. My grandma said to me, “If they would just put you in charge, you would end the war.” I agreed with her then and I believe it today. My younger brother is strong, rowdy and loyal – and he writes letters to those he loves. (side note-more men should do this) He wrote me a letter 5 years ago when I was struggling with PTSD – it was a letter of motivation. In it he said, “If you want to be the first female president, you can. You can do anything.” Their words ring in my ear, reminding me of my strong voice and my character…and they are bricks that have laid the foundation of my journey.

As a kid on the farm, there is never a day’s rest. The animals and the land always require attention. I loved being my dad’s sidekick and helping him get the work done. My dad is a loving and compassionate man and I think the only time he yelled at me was to say, “Can’t isn’t a word.” He wouldn’t let me give up on things and always pushed me to achieve what I set out to achieve. His words are my truth. I can do anything I set out to achieve. My favorite Bible verse has always been Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ (consciousness) within.”

Those words, a mental fortitude, have allowed me to take control of my life. I know that I can achieve anything as long as I am willing to put in the work and believe in myself 100%. Belief is one of our greatest obstacles, certainly as women. Without my grandfather, dad, and brothers believing in me, I might have listened to the 100s of other boys and men throughout my life who sprinkled self-doubt and jealousy in my mind. In my day, strong girls like myself were called tomboys. I was called man-hands Bergfield out of jealousy of the boys…I could palm a basketball and they couldn’t. šŸ˜‰ Even the magazines targeted us to be thin with long, straight hair and wear makeup. This was all before graduating high school. The control of young girls and women has been a part of our culture since the beginning. Luckily I didn’t buy into the bullshit.

I’ve always been guided by something deep within my heart – a desire to be authentically me. After much inner work, I’ve found what’s authentically me: I’m a lover of all beings, an eternal student, a teacher, a healer, a leader; playful and courageous, one of a kind, standing on the pillars of truth. My authenticity are the bricks, paving my path.

I’ve laid a lot of bricks along the path and not all held strong; some I could not stand on and so I learned to let those go.

As you see me step into the public eye to run for President, I remind you that this is not the beginning of my journey, this is my authentic path. If I were to ignore my authenticity and not step forward to lead, it would be giving in to the control of others’ idea of what is proper or right for a “woman my age”.

I know my character, I know my heart and I know who I am. Today I am so excited for you to get to know me too. #watchmework

In love and deep gratitude for you being here with me,