I began building toward my goal of becoming president a long time ago. But in January 2019, I formally announced my run for presidency. I actually resigned from my position with the City of Westminster, Colorado because I knew I would need to focus solely on my goal and desire to serve our country as president.

Since January, I have learned much about my inherent abilities and skills. I’d like to share a few of them here. When I resigned, I thought, “Here we go. Full steam ahead! Nothing can get me off track with my goal.” Being president is my one true goal right now. What I didn’t consider was my general nature and who I am through my habits.

I have always been the one to get things done. My friends and family come to me for emotional, mental and real-life support. Need a bathroom built? Call Crystal. Need someone to keep your children overnight? Call Crystal. Need to vent about life’s challenges? Call Crystal. Need a loan until payday? Call Crystal. Trying to build healthy practices into your lifestyle? Call Crystal. Yes, I have done it all…and I enjoy it all. I love helping people reach their goals with the skills I have learned. I love seeing people succeed and find happiness.

BUT, these habits of supporting others get in the way when running for president is so expensive and extensive. Our country’s election system is broke. Let’s just be real. If we spent almost $7 billion on the 2016 election, clearly we have a problem with elections being bought and sold. Our democracy was built on the foundation that any 1. Natural born citizen 2. Living in the US 14 years or more 3. And 35 years of age or older can be our president. But today, we have more road blocks for working people like myself than ever. Our forefathers would be shocked and in the streets protesting our election system if they saw it today.

If you haven’t seen “Dark Money” or “The Great Hack”, I recommend you watching either of those documentaries. Money owns us. And let me just remind us all that money is a tool. And when the tools own us, it’s time to consider who is in charge here. But I digress.

Since January, I have helped friends, taken phone calls to support friends and family, volunteered at over 15 organizations, dog sat, prepared meals for many, cleaned house for a few, and currently I am care-taking for my 86 year old grandma and 92 year old grandpa. I can’t help myself from helping.

I see a need and I get to work. I see suffering and I see solutions. My heart beats to be of service.

Which is exactly why I would make the greatest president in history. I am smart, loving, and I get shit done. I am what our country needs and what people deserve. I am here to serve! (just a little rhyme for you)

If you read any books on leadership, startups, or gaining power, they all say that sacrifices must be made. All of them. And, I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I’m living on rice, eggs and vegetables, all of which are super cheap. I moved out of my comfortable Colorado home to save on expenses and am living out of suitcases. I am focused and have sacrificed so much. But, I’m unwilling to sacrifice the needs I see in front of me.

And maybe that’s what I am here to show people.

I am a person who cannot ignore the suffering in front of me. I am resourceful and resilient to find solutions to every issue under the sun. I believe that our next president should be resourceful, resilient, get shit done, and serve the people. And yet, the expectations and election system have us set up to only see and hear the greedy ones. The ones willing to sacrifice the suffering in front of them for a position of power. This system has set us up to elect the well-connected, who have gotten to their positions with enough money by ignoring the needs of others, intentionally or unintentionally.

Is this really what we want? Are we okay with the type of presidents we elect? If not, then I suggest we get serious about finding a better way forward. Get curious. Step outside of your box and think about how much changes under a president. Look at how much Trump has disrupted just by being him. He is our lesson. He is showing us how much power the president has to change lives, to change the economy and change our position in the world.  

My path to presidency is messy and clearer than ever. I am here to be the change I wish to see in the world. I want a president like me who has eyes wide open and does not step over those in need, but puts out her hand and asks them to walk alongside. I want a president like me who is willing to stand out in difference and do what is right even when it doesn’t get media coverage. I want to be president because I don’t see any other candidate taking the path that our country needs to see right now.

I’ll close by sharing my daily prayer with you. May it encourage you and may you too consider what you can do to be the change our country and world needs.

“Good morning Universe. Thank you for your abundance and grace. May I be of service to humanity and make a difference today. May I be light.”