Our campaign is a grass-roots, values-based campaign. Our country was built on the acknowledgement of unalienable rights of the people. When our systems do not support our unalienable rights but instead try to rob us of them, we are faced with the necessary task of restructuring our systems to serve the people and ensure liberty and justice for ALL.

I am a systems thinker. My promise to the people is systemic change, a restructuring of our systems that is democratic and supports the rights of the American people. Knowledge is power, and powerful people create change.

What does systemic change look like? Do you know that the Executive Branch of our federal government oversees more than 2,000 positions? We put a lot of weight on the president and until the current administration, we hadn’t paid attention to all of the positions surrounding and influencing the president. My leadership would hold every federal employee, appointed and hired, responsible to core basic human values.

What does that do Crystal? When people are held to values of justice, responsibility and innovation in their decision making, the shift is immediate in every system. We can literally move from corruption, waste, ignorance toward justice, equity, innovation and responsibility to the people immediately. We hire and appoint only those willing to be held by these standards and reprimand those who do not operate on these basic human values. DONE. NEXT?

Responsibility to Our Planet

Earth is our only home and we have a responsibility to nurture and protect the resources we have been given. Crystal’s priorities includes bringing responsibility back to our planet to ensure our nation has a home generations from now. We cannot afford to ignore our responsibilities. Check out Crystal’s policies concerning how we hold ourselves accountable to our planet.

Responsibility to the Nation

Our Nation, Our Land. The one piece of this planet that has been designated as ours, and we have a responsibility to maintain it. We must safeguard against all enemies who may come to destroy us, and we begin by addressing our systems that are creating more harm than good. Check out Crystal’s policies that address the health of our nation.

Responsibility to the People

Without the people, the United States of America is nothing. We are a nation because we all decided to be citizens of this great country. Now, with the people suffering and our leadership neglecting the needs of the people to profit for themselves, it’s up to us to correct course. The greatest indicator of the health of a nation is by looking at the health of the people. Healthy people are more productive citizens. Healthy people tend to be more happy. It’s time we invest in the health and happiness of our citizens to ensure a prosperous nation.

Responsibility to our Planet

Our responsibility to the planet requires action. The policies included here are actionable items we can implement to bring responsibility back to our planet.

Agriculture: One in five Americans lives in a rural area. Crystal grew up here. It’s the heart of our nation and it’s been forgotten by our nation’s leadership. Small town America has built community within hearts, but the economy has left. It’s time we invest in our farmers and those who build with their hands. The Green New Deal supports small town America through local initiatives and guaranteeing jobs to build up our heartland once again. 

Environmental Awareness: It’s true that our planet has natural cycles and also true that we have neglected care of our home and must do better. The Green New Deal lays out a solid plan for collectively investing in our planet and nation. According to a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) we have an estimated 20 years to repair the damage done to our environment. We need to reduce global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2040 with an estimated cost of nothing less than 2.5 percent of global GDP. To help pay this tremendously large bill, the authors propose a worldwide carbon tax of as much as $27,000 per ton. When our citizens are educated about restorative and sustainable best practices already proven successful in other countries we can move to action to realize our vision. We have the experts and innovative solutions right here on U.S. soil and the focus should be to call them to action.

Green New Deal is a large scale plan to catch us up with the rest of the world. It is a stimulus package that addresses economic inequities and climate issues through resource efficiency and job creation. Just as the New Deal was  a series of programs, public work projects, financial reforms, and regulations enacted to restore prosperity during the Great Depression, the Green New Deal mimics FDR’s intentions and data-driven, people-focused initiatives. By bringing the right people to the table, we can ensure that the Green New Deal serves us and keeps the budget balanced. We cannot afford to ignore our issues on our land any more.

Renewable Resources: We are done allowing the fossil fuel industry to control our economy. It’s time we are smart and think about our nation and our citizens. Our only option for America is to use renewable resources whenever feasible. The Green New Deal lays out industry standards to allow our investors to get on the right side of history and think innovatively and responsibly. It asks for buy-in from the public and focuses our attention on what must be done. It’s time to move into the 21st century and lead the way forward. 

  • Implement initiative with the EPA that outlines climate change science and actions citizens can take at every level, including: individual, community, city, state, and national levels.
  • Address the lack of accountability and enforcement of existing federal environmental policy and ensure all new projects completed through federal means adhere to sustainability standards as outlined in GND
  • Promote urban gardening and fresh foods initiatives, end food deserts
  • Reenter Paris climate agreement
  • End off-shore drilling and drilling on public lands
  • Enforce Clean Water Act (bringing Flint clean water, finally)

Responsibility to our Nation

It’s time we address the core issues that are draining the health of our nation. In order for us to move forward and create equity in America, we must focus on the real issues and attack them head on.

Anti-Corruption is the key to restoring Democracy and justice in our country. With Washington perpetuating a corrupt system, we cannot trust that they have our best interests in mind behind closed doors. This is why only a values-based team can address our corruption and greed. With guiding principles of justice, inclusivity, transparency and responsibility to the people, the Crystal Bergfield Administration will stay focused to always put the people first. 

There are many steps we must take, including:

  • Anti-Corruption Act
  • End Citizens United
  • Implement standards of ethics for government employees and appointed positions
  • Audit of government departments for waste and fraud
  • Restructure executive offices/departments to enhance efficiency and transparency, which will save money and hold us to a higher standard
  • Offer our methods as an example for state government to bring accountability to the people 

Diplomacy is our best offense and defence for the country in world affairs. Crystal Bergfield’s administration will employ strategic partnerships through understanding and with the values of innovation and responsibility to our country and the world. 

Elections: In a democracy, elections are meant to be fair and free. Discrimination in our elections is common practice and must end.

  • Automatic voter registration
  • Election Day is national holiday
  • End dark money in politics. Dark money is when the donor is not disclosed and the source of the money is unknown, allowing vested interests to take responsibility away from the people. 
  • End gerrymandering
  • Full voting rights restored to formerly incarcerated

Establish a Department of Volunteerism. This department will work with organizations throughout the country who are creating prosperity in their own communities. By establishing a relationship with organizations in need, as well as strategic partnerships with corporations willing to put money into our country, we can put citizens to work in exchange for free education and debt elimination. Not only does this help those who help themselves, it creates a strong community, strong work ethic and bolsters our nation into the values we all stand for as Americans.

Foreign Policy: What do we hope to achieve in foreign policy? How do we want to place our footprint on the world? By asking the right questions, we develop a strong strategy for creating foreign policy that elevates our position in the world and reflects our strength as a world leader.  Reason and understanding are core values to effective foreign policy. 

Gun Laws that reflect our values. Gun owners should exemplify responsibility and our laws should support safety and responsibility to our society. 

  • Ban assault weapons and semi-automatic/automatic weapons
  • Close boyfriend loophole
  • Close gun-show loophole
  • Expand background checks
  • Gun buyback program
  • Promote a culture of safety and security  

Infrastructure: We need to think innovatively and ensure safety for our citizens. Our infrastructure is outdated and unsafe. Time to rebuild. The Green New Deal addresses these needs and proposes putting our strong and smart Americans to work and creating infrastructure for the 21st century. 

National Security is our stability as citizens. As a military veteran, Crystal understands the value of a strong defense and intelligence strategy. We train for war and prepare for peace.  We will clean up wasteful spending in military and bring critical attention to troop housing, community and healthcare to ensure our warriors are being fully supported. 

Statehood: Territories like Puerto Rico and our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. are in the same position we were before the American Revolution. They do not have full rights as a state, but are required to pay taxes. We should fully support statehood for our territories who want to become states and share our American values and laws.

Tax Reform to simplify and close loopholes including a Wealth Tax and consideration of Consumption Tax. It’s time we tackle our corrupt and outdated tax system. Taxes are meant to support not steal from Americans. Using our standards of policy creation, we will bring responsibility and transparency back and ensure that taxes are used responsibly. 

Responsibility to the People

We the people make up the nation. It’s time our leadership put people first.

Accountability starts at the top. Crystal Bergfield’s administration takes trust and transparency seriously and will develop a close working relationship with citizens. We will keep Americans informed through consistent briefings from White House Staff and executive departments. We will be able to address large issues quickly through trust building and handing some responsibility to community and individual actions. For example, to support our planet, our administration will work hard to correct course at the national and global level, but citizens too must think about their own footprint. Our leadership will teach people what actions can be taken to ensure a healthy environment for all of us. 

Journalists and social justice organizations will be asked to hold our administration accountable through truthful reporting that holds allegiance to the people and our nation. Responsibility to the people is a value that all professionals who address the public can hold themselves to. 

Children are our future and it’s time we invest in them. As the leader of our great nation, every action I take will consider how it affects our future generations of Americans. Leadership should support people and have the foresight to understand future impact. 

Criminal Justice Reform: Our criminal justice system is consuming our American citizens. It is a private industry profiting from our tax dollars. Our current prison/jailing systems are giving inmates and guards PTSD. Our Criminal Justice System is not just. It is a corrupted system profiting off of the poor and people of color. Until there is justice, there will be no prosperity in our country. We must take back our justice system to reflect restoration, rehabilitation, and reconciliation for the victim, the perpetrator, and for our communities. We can ensure the safety of our children, our parents and our communities by addressing our fears and creating solutions that benefit the collective. 

  • Bring back prison education
  • Decriminalize addiction
  • Decriminalize marijuana and other medicinal/non-violent drug use. 
  • End for-profit phone calls and commissary for inmates
  • End money bail that targets the poor
  • End private prisons
  • End slavery in prisons, including work for pennies
  • Ensure adequate healthcare within our prisons and jails. 
  • Prioritize rehabilitation 
  • Promote restorative justice
  • Train and pay our prison and jail staff a wage worthy of great care and attention to their jobs. Ensure they have access to mental health and time with family. 
  • Utilize scholars and experts in criminal justice to reform the justice system. Our system should be one that rehabilitates people so that when they are released, they learned from their incarceration and are truly ready to reenter society.

Education: Ensure every child has equal access and opportunity in education from ages 3+. If we want our country to operate at it’s best, we must guarantee all Americans have access to education that leads to a career. Our plan will include free early childhood education, elementary and high school, college, trade school and apprenticeship. It’s time we value all workers in our country and allow people to use their unique skills to bring our nation forward into the 21st century and create the life they desire. Critical questions the team will ask: How can we make sure free education doesn’t drain our economic system? What resources can we utilize to lessen the financial barriers we will face? How can we get creative to support our teachers and students? 

  • Address school funding to ensure equal access to all students
  • Appoint Secretary of Education who is willing to address our approach to public education and challenge the status quo to ensure the highest level of success for all students
  • Ensure children have access to healthy meals to create better outcomes in the classroom
  • Hire more teachers, school counselors, and school psychologists. 
  • Plan a path for eliminating debt of those who owe student loans and are unable to achieve the American dream because of this debt.
  • Prioritize education for adults re-entering the workforce or transitioning. This includes job training for those affected by automation. Promote internships and apprenticeships. 
  • Set national minimum standards of pay and benefits for all school employees

Gender Equality: Women outnumber men in this country but we are valued less and it’s time we are equally supported under the law. Sexual discrimination, sexual harrassment, sexual assault will be addressed punitively and women will maintain autonomy over our bodies and minds. It’s time women are given independence to make our own choices and get paid our full worth. As the first woman president, I will use my position of power to empower all young girls and women. It’s time we collectively support one another to be great and forge a sisterhood that is unbreakable. Additionally, I will encourage communities to gather around mothers and women, to share resources as we take the brunt of raising the next generation of Americans. An investment in women is an investment in our children. 

Health Care: Our healthcare system is sick care not health care. We must abolish the for-profit system.

  • Address the inequities within healthcare as a nation. While the president does not have the power to address this issue alone, we can collectively value equity in health care by promoting diversity and trust in the medical industry and hold healthcare professionals accountable to our American values.  Ask for buy-in of medical community to promote honesty and transparency for doctors and patients alike. Give citizens more ownership in their personal health. Promote a path of education for marginalized groups to gain education necessary to serve specific populations. (more therapists, doctors, surgeons, etc to increase representation of marginalized groups to ensure trust-building)
  • Ensure the pharmaceutical and insurance industries work for the people, not the other way around. 
  • Health care is a basic human right and any country unwilling to ensure the health of the people will solidify the death of a nation.
  • Make mental health a priority and include it in all health care plans. 
  • Medicare for All. Our government should serve the people. Other countries have universal healthcare that is cheaper than what Americans are paying now. The question is not, can we afford it, the question is, will we invest in the people to ensure prosperity in our nation? The reality is that we can’t afford the current system. It is costing us not only our life-savings, but our lives.
  • Partner with Department of Health and Human Services to educate Americans about holistic health and its value. Appoint Secretary of HHS who will prioritize education on new standards, vaccines, and expectations of health care to the people. 
  • Take a holistic approach to the health of the people. Mental health, physical health and emotional well-being all decide the health of a person. If we want to be leaders of the free world, we must think in this way. Balance for the individual creates prosperity for a nation. 

Immigration must be addressed in a way that protects Americans, ensures we serve those who have come here legally and is compassionate to those seeking asylum. We will address immigration with the policy procedures based in our values. We will ask how we can be responsible to our nation and Americans, create a path of citizenship that is supportive of people dreaming to contribute to our nation, and keep all humans safe as we secure our borders. Our administration will prioritize smart and sustainable policy including creating borders that also generate energy and promote a healthy relationship with Mexican leadership and citizens. We will reinstate DACA and swiftly create a path to citizenship that is just and responsible so that we can enjoy our country and the diversity of those who are taking the right steps to become Americans.

Indigenous People cared for our land long before our founding fathers and mothers showed up. Our beginnings on this continent were solely focused on establishing dominance and we decimated millions of native Americans in the process. It’s time we step up and own our history. Our administration will work with indigenous communities to implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. If we value tradition and values as Americans, we cannot deny traditions and values for indigenous Americans. An investment in indigenous Americans is an investment in US. 

Labor & Wages: Implement a national standard of minimum wage, paid parental leave, paid vacation, paid sick leave for all Americans to protect all Americans as laid out in GND. Fight for the worker by addressing Congress to stop corruption and stop deal making at the expense of American workers.  Convert unemployment centers into employment centers that promise a job for every American willing to work as laid out in the GND. Promote career paths that support our future needs such as innovative infrastructure, technology integration, service to our elders and young, and education.

LGBTQ Rights: It’s time we value our diversity as a strength and protect all Americans. The secret of creating personal and national prosperity is ensuring all Americans the freedom to create a life that makes them feel safe, loved and happy. Our administration will instate LGBTQ+ executive actions to protect every American. We will pass the Equality Act, and go further to promote a culture of safety for every American. We will work with the Department of Health and Human Services to create and compile resources for doctors nationwide so they are able to give proper care to LGBTQ+ people; 

Military: As a veteran, Crystal takes great pride in the opportunity to serve as Commander in Chief. Anyone who has served in the military will tell you that the enlisted are the ones who execute orders. The officers decide the orders. As CinC, Crystal will inspire our military leadership to invest our greatest resources into every soldier, airborne, seabee,  sailor, airman, airwoman and reservist. The opportunity to serve our military should instill American values of loyalty, duty, pride, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. *These are the values the Army holds. We must ensure current leadership is adequately prepared to instill these values and lead the way. 

In addition, military service should prepare our youth for great careers outside of the military. An investment in our country’s warriors is an investment in US. 

Policing: As many problems as we have in our country with policing and those who serve and protect our communities, not many people would offer to trade places with them. They run toward danger. It’s time we value those women and men who serve our communities and nation as heroes. We must give them our very best education, job training, restorative community courses, health care including mental health, and benefits that are worth showing up and being a great warrior every day. We will promptly terminate every officer who demonstrates racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other hate actions. We want the country to trust our officers and that is impossible with bad actors giving the great ones a bad wrap. Crystal Bergfield will prioritize implementation of best practices and updated training to instill pride and excitement to serve. We will continue to prioritize veterans in hiring and leadership positions.

Racial Justice: It’s time we address our history of racism head on. Black Americans have directly been targeted by individuals and our systems in this country. We must address hate and discrimination as a whole, learn from one another and recognize our collective need to work together. All members of society should be held to standards of basic human values, including the fact that no one has the right to put another life in danger or threaten another life. We must meet this wrong action with punitive and restorative action, making sure that every black life threatened or lost receives justice in our justice system. Reparations must be paid through healing the cracks in the very fabric of our systems. Education, Health Care, Criminal Justice, on the workplace, housing and more. We must address the injustices created and correct course so that every American of color feels safe, can pursue the right of happiness and is supported in her/his efforts by our American government. Black Lives Matter. 

Veterans signed away our freedoms to serve this great country. When they return home, we must ensure every support is given to integrate back into civilian life, including access to whole health care. While we pride ourselves in patriotism, it is false within our systems and actions. It’s time we really value our veterans and address them as individual Americans. We will prioritize training, integration, health care, housing and family support. We will conduct a full audit of current systems serving veterans to ensure transparency and efficiency. We will purge bad actors and corruption that are in the way of veterans receiving the support we can be proud of. Investing in our veterans is an investment in US.