My campaign is a grass-roots, values-based campaign. Our country was built on the acknowledgement of unalienable rights of the people. When our systems do not support our unalienable rights but instead try to rob us of them, we are faced with the necessary task of restructuring our systems to serve the people and ensure liberty and justice for ALL.

My promise to the people is systemic change, a restructuring of our systems that is democratic and supports the rights of the American people.


Addressing the representatives of the people, hold them accountable to reflect a representative democracy; expecting the people to begin participating in democracy so that we do not follow this path again. We too must do our part, and I believe that when the people are led by a leader they can trust, people don’t mind doing their part to keep the machine oiled and running properly. In order to create and maintain a functioning democracy, there has to be trust, and there has to be participation. When we begin electing leaders who have the interest of all Americans before their self interests, as any civil servant should, we begin solving problems, working together, and a lot of our pains can disappear.

Let me be clear, it will take sacrifice, commitment, and discipline to achieve the America that we all hope and desire for our families. But it’s worth it. When the government is a supportive leader of the people, when government officials are held accountable and there is transparency for the people, and when the people are acting on behalf of the greater good, a democracy is a beautiful system.

Accountability of Power

Our government should be a force for good. All elected, appointed, and hired government employees should be held to a standard of working ethically and striving to achieve the best good for the American people above all other concerns. When there is accountability in our government, people may once again trust those who hold the most power in this country. In order for our democracy to function at all, there must be trust, and trust takes participation on both sides. Those who work for the government should be held accountable and must be responsible for the services they provide to the public. Please remember that we are tax-paying citizens and it is well within our rights to hold our representatives accountable.

At the same time, there has to be participation by the people. We have to give a little to get a little. We can no longer afford to sit in front of the TV and complain about politicians. We must be willing to do work to ensure that our democratic rights are being upheld. The main responsibility of the citizens in a society is to create the environment we wish to be a part of. A society is made up of so many elements: politics, industry, education, health care, community to name a few. The community element is one in which we have to volunteer our time to build. While we cannot pay everyone to go out and meet your neighbors or attend school board meetings, these aspects of community are vital to maintaining a peaceful environment for all involved. We can look in many communities today and see the effects of people disengaging from the community. Communities are run over by thugs, communities are drained financially when the members do not buy local, communities die when people do not maintain connections and teach our children the importance of connection.


We have to take a big step back and re-evaluate, What are we educating our children for? What is the purpose of education? What is currently in the way of this purpose? If the purpose is to create a brighter future, we have lost our way. Our government should have a clear vision for education including the content in schools, the education of our teachers, and the implementation of practice must reflect this purpose.

Our country was founded on innovation and finding a NEW way forward. We can create a future that is innovative and prosperous, and it starts with our children. A future of innovation requires an investment in our children’s education. We must begin teaching differently to reflect the needs of new generations of children and open up opportunities for all children. Geniuses, leaders, innovators, and great team players are born into poor and wealthy families alike. Our next Tesla, Einstein, Bergfield may be born into the poorest of families and it would be a disservice to our country to offer different and less opportunities to the poor. All children should have an equal opportunity at supporting our nation and being an innovator who changes the world.

This is why education reform is desperately needed. The very fact that children are being gunned down in our schools is need enough for reform all the way through the system. Parents are afraid to send their children to school, and rightfully so. When our country’s leaders prioritize EDUCATION and the health and safety of our children, parents will be able to rest easier at night. Our nation’s leaders, our President, each have a responsibility to ensure that our children are safe, educated and supported to pursue their potential. The children are the future of our great country and we should be setting them up for success, not taking away their rights. It’s time for us all to stand together and decide that our children are worth the fight. Our children are worth doing things differently.

I also believe that we need to take a look at the education we are offering to adults in the workforce. I was blessed to work for the City of Westminster, Colorado where they took the education of their workforce very seriously and created opportunities for education relating to one’s position with the city as well as education for retirement, a second language, and personal development to name a few. We must prioritize education for every American. Education can be the momentum needed to shift into a new era of innovation and responsibility.

Health of the people

Happy people are productive people; and healthy people are happy people. We must make the physical and mental health of our citizens a priority. Let’s be clear, 98% of us are doing all the labor for the wealthiest 2% of this country. Soon enough, this 98% is going to be too sick, too depressed to be productive. It’s in the best interest of all concerned that we are happy and healthy Americans.

Unfortunately, health care is not an easy fix. Right now, people are demanding universal health care and opposers are shouting out the expense of it all. In a country where we have the highest rate of obesity, ADHD, cancers, and other diseases that plague our families, healthcare will indeed be expensive. However, we must invest in our collective physical and mental health. When the people are healthy and the health system is supportive, the costs are minimal.

Investing in mental health means less violence, less mass shootings, less defensive driving, less anger, and more peace in the workplace, at home and in our own minds. Investing in physical health means less absences at work, less stress, less medical bills, less medications and more peace in our workplace, at home and in our own minds.

We now know that mental and physical health are related. It’s time that our health care systems prioritize our physical and mental well-being and it’s beyond time for our government to support the well-being of the people. This means that the government can no longer be held captive by the insurance companies. Industries that provide basic human needs and operate as for-profit (as opposed to non-profit) are inherently problematic and should be kept in check by the representatives of the people. Isn’t that why we elect representatives, to conduct business in the interest of the American people? Why then are so many Americans unable to afford health care? Why have we not addressed our toxic environment as a contributing factor to our chronic illness? Why are we not educating people about how to ease symptoms of illness and disease by avoiding particular behaviors, foods, environments? Clearly, education is related to health care. Both of which are prime objectives for my campaign.


Criminal Justice Reform

Our criminal justice system is consuming our American citizens. It is a profitable private industry. Let me repeat that, the prisons are privately owned and making money for every person we have in prison, from our tax dollars. While we complain about the amount of taxes we pay, the prison industrial complex is scouting for inmates to place on their role call. We need to understand that how we treat those who have robbed a store in desperation or who sold drugs to pay the rent, those who went to prison for using drugs, will someday be back on our streets. Wouldn’t you prefer that we use our tax dollars to rehabilitate and restore humanity to those who may one day meet your son or daughter on the street?

Our current prison/jailing systems are giving inmates and guards alike PTSD. We are making our society sicker by allowing this corrupt, profitable system to make the rules on our justice system. We must take back our justice system to reflect restoration, rehabilitation, and reconciliation for the victim, the perpetrator, and for our communities.

Until we address the injustices in our criminal justice system, we are creating a future of more crime, more violence and more injustice for communities and families across our great nation. When we address the broken justice system, we can be sure that all Americans are treated with justice and we can prevent a future of violence. This is not idealistic, this is realistic. There are experts throughout our country who have intelligent and well-thought out answers to these most difficult questions. We can ensure the safety of our children, our parents and our communities by addressing our fears and creating solutions that benefit the collective.


In a recent study by the United Nations and reviewed by a group of over 1,000 scientists, they conclude that we have less than 12 years to begin reversing our effects on the environment or we are headed toward a dead end. To be very clear, if we do not address our human affects on the planet, it will kick us off before the current generation of children die naturally. This should freak you out! Why hasn’t any politician addressed our environmental issues? It could be because the symptoms stem from a variety of global environmental issues, it could also be because it is not profitable to pay attention to our environment. Whatever the reason for ignoring our planet, we have no more time to make excuses.

We are at a T in the road: turn left and ensure destruction, 1,000s of people, small communities at a time, or turn right and prevent the destruction of our planet and create an abundant future for our children and their offspring. Again, this is an issue that will take personal commitment, discipline and sacrifice to ensure that we have a planet for another hundred years. Is it worth it to you?



The list of issues above is not complete by any means. However, it’s a start. As I travel the country this year and spend time with you all, I will be able to share more about the effects of our current systems on us all.

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We are all here together, why don’t we make the most of it and turn this country around together? We do have a choice.