For many years I lived as a lone wolf, facing the world by myself.

The first lesson in running for President: I can’t do it alone!

I am so very grateful for those who have already co-signed my vision. The more of us who stand, the easier it is for those who hesitate.

A very special thank you to my family and friends who are a part of my video. Your selfless act to help me realize my vision of a unified country has not gone unnoticed. I salute you.

And to the team that did all the work: it was from the generosity of their hearts and a belief that I can lead us into an era of justice and liberty for all. Paid only in hugs, lame jokes and home-cooked meals, Kelly Spencer, Ben Roland and Marcus Waterman, I am indebted to you. My repayment is my one-pointed focus on becoming POTUS and creating an equitable foundation for our country. May it be so.



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