This is a grassroots, values-based campaign, counting on all of us to wake up and participate in democracy. It’s time for all of us who have a vision of better for our families to do something, anything, and step up.

As a child of the 90s, my favorite campaign was “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and I’m sticking to my roots by creating a way forward that is sustainable and thoughtful. You an rest assured that I will always be thoughtful spending our hard-earned taxes. It begins here.

Our country is running on a version of capitalism that drinks Red Bull and Monster all day. We live in a time when money determines our value in the United States. But I know better! I know my value better than anyone, and I know the value of We the People. My grandfather’s generation, named the Builders, built our country with blood, sweat and tears. They set aside comfort to get things accomplished. My dad’s generation built our economy to what it is today, focused and driven on success and they earned what they worked for and are still loyal to the mission. Generation X are independent, work-smart, innovative people who gave us Apple, Cable, and Video Games! They didn’t grow up with these things, they created them by tapping into their creativity. All of those who came before me lived in a time that valued everyone’s contribution, regardless of income.

Presently, we have access to opportunity based on the amount of money in our checking accounts. This is what is destroying the American Dream. In a time when parents have to pay for full-day kindergarten, pay for music lessons, pay for sports teams, pay for every opportunity to develop their child’s potential, we have cut off millions of children’s access to becoming the next great inventor, visionary, leader that our country so desperately needs.

Politics is the worst of all. The current truth is that one must be wealthy and well-connected to lead our country. The two-party system is so wealthy that they just plug in the candidate they want to promote and everything is built around the party messaging. The Democratic and Republican parties already have a system set up to pour outrageous amounts of money into marketing their candidate to “win” power in our country for 2020.

The truth is, there is no way for a working-class citizen to run for President unless she has a personal will of steel and is willing to pave a new path forward.

Luckily for all of us, I am crazy enough to know that it’s possible. As Steve Jobs once said, “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

I know our country and our people better than anyone.

I am one of the People who are the backbone of this nation’s success. I am running for President of the United States because I know that the people must be led by one of us and someone who has our interests as her guiding principle, not the interests of making money for a political party or the elite few who have access to the President’s ear.

I know we can do this. Yes, I said we. This isn’t about me, I’m not interested in padding my portfolio or getting rich. I’m interested in building systems that support all of us so that I can enjoy peace with my diverse group of friends and family around the country. I’m invested in our country and our people.

This is where you come in.

The Needs

As working class folks, we know all about deals, discounts, coupons and hook-ups. Actually the wealthy know about this too, it’s how they are able to amass wealth. It’s a smart way of doing things and I’m all about working smart. Will you give me your hook-ups? Can you share your deals and discounts? Here is the key. At this point, I need you to take action. Don’t just say, hey my buddy George will make free business cards for you, reach out to George and tell him about me. Tell him I need his generosity to support a campaign that also supports you. Then make the introduction to my team.

  • Collect signatures to get me on the ballot in your state
  • Make fundraising calls and texts to your personal contacts
  • Hook me up with influencers/celebrities/newscasters/bloggers/podcast hosts/etc for interviews
  • Research assistance
  • Recruit for our team
  • Organize an event for me to speak/volunteer at in your community
  • Gain endorsements of community leaders
  • Creative consulting
  • Young interns eager to learn, gain experience, and work hard
  • Creative artists who can create educational content (think comic strips/comic books/sketch artists/video production/gaming experience/etc)


How mind-blowing would it be to have every revolutionary who is eager for positive change in this country, contribute to the coming era of responsible government with your personal touch. My heart just lept yall.

We all know current shit sucks. Not just the politics, but the way we all treat one another, the path we are traveling toward destruction. Everyone is walking around with armor on, trying not to get hit by one more thing that could tip us over the edge.

I’m looking for passionate people who are sick and tired of politics as usual and know that you have a special sauce to contribute. Yes, my campaign looks totally different. If we want something different, we must do something we have never done. I am looking for people who want to give selflessly.

Those who have much, much is required.

Take it from an abundance coach, when we give selflessly, the Universe gives to us abundantly. Give what you can, and it will be given.

In the words of my teacher Jesus, “Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Send us a message and let us know what you can contribute. If what you have to offer isn’t listed, message us and share why we need your special sauce to be successful. Believe in yourself and I will most certainly believe in you.


Crystal is a true leader of the people, courageous in the face of corruption, willing to stand up for all of us to create an equitable and just way of governing our country. Crystal is a servant and teacher of the people.

Our government should support ALL Americans and it’s going to take great effort and support.

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done. If you believe this, then we need your support now. Money makes the world go round, and we need money to get around to every state in 2019 and spread the word of a new way forward. Give a little of yourself and receive a new world of possibilities in 2020.

I am going to get creative for my rich friends. Please reach out and let us know how deep your pockets are and how generous your heart is. I will personally find a way for you to support this campaign to do the greatest good for ALL Americans. Rich folks are patriots too!


We need informed citizens and critical thinkers! Not just for the campaign but for this great nation to be great once again. Join my Patreon to participate in the change or visit my Podcast