I, Crystal Bergfield, am here to lead our great country into a new era of responsibility, justice, equity, innovation and prosperity for all of US.

I am willing to use my power for the good of all, to serve selflessly, guided by Truth at all times. I am capable of leading us in a positive direction with equality for all Americans by building bridges and uniting us as ONE Nation, ONE People.

I understand how our systems intertwine:

Without food in her belly, a young girl cannot expect to succeed in school

When a sick person does not have access to health care, they cannot be productive at work

Where there is more poverty, there is more crime

When the government does not support the people, the people lose trust in the government and lose hope in their future

I could go on and on. Every action has an equal or greater reaction=cause and effect. Our government must be held responsible for its actions that harm people. Government is not meant to destroy, but to support. With money making every decision in government right now, We the People must take action. We must stand and be the change that we want to see in our country.

The time is now. This journey to President is my one-pointed focus. Know that I am daily working toward this goal, speaking with people, serving the community, studying the depths of our country, reading the great works of others, shedding light on solutions. I’m on my grind and I do it for all of us. Because until all of us live in peace, none of us can live in peace.

In Deep Love and Gratitude for all of my brothers and sisters,

P.S. The good news, there is lots to be done in building a greater path forward. You get a part, she gets a part, he gets a part, they get a part, everybody gets a part!

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One selfless action will create a ripple in history.

And if you aren’t ready to commit anything, give me a few more minutes of your time and get to know me. I’m positive you’ll be ready to give of yourself after you get to know me.