I have traveled our country, lived in many cities across many states. As a member of contrasting communities, I see the diversity in our ways of living. I also see that we all have one thing in common: 

we all seek stability.

I believe that our government is responsible for providing basic stability so we can pursue the freedoms that are given to us as humans and Americans. Our government was established to serve and protect the people of the United States. As one of the richest nations in the world, we should not have the poverty, crime, illness and illiteracy rates that we have. We can do better and we must do better. 

My vision of America is inclusive, innovative and responsible. I have seen firsthand how people from every background can get along when our basic human needs are met. My time in the Army taught me this. 

I’ve also seen and experienced how hard it is to survive when our basic needs are not met. Imagine what our country could achieve if every child grew up with access to quality healthcare, food, housing, and education? We could transform our country in one generation. Will it be easy? Hell no. But is it worth the hard work? Absolutely. 

I am a president for the people. More specifically, I am a president for the people who know that we can do better and are ready to take personal responsibility and hold our nation’s leadership accountable. 

I’ve been listening to the people, and I hear distrust for government. If trust is the problem, we must address it head on. Let’s hold our leadership accountable. No excuses. That’s why as President I will establish basic values that all federal employees must uphold while conducting business for the people including: equity, innovation, sustainability, and responsibility to the people. Additionally, my cabinet of advisors and all others working within the executive branch of government will be held to the values of trust-building, and will be reflective of our country’s diversity.

I have lived and studied our American systems through my formal sociology education, and the informal education that comes from living in America. Our systems are corrupted, broken and holding us back. Now it’s time to put them back together in a way that supports the people.

This country needs a visionary who is outside the status quo and sees new ways to solve complex issues.  Someone who is willing to bring the right people to the table to create pragmatic solutions.This leader must remain humble not lose sight of her objectivity and the fact that we are all regular people just trying to survive. Where most politicians choose to uphold their promises to their political parties and super PACs and give empty promises to the citizens of the United States, I will  launch a comprehensive anti-corruption campaign rooted in realistic initiatives that are transparent to the people so that she may be held accountable.


A Letter to my fellow Americans:

Most people live a path of least resistance, following the pack and doing what is “normal” in society. Normal is not always healthy or helpful for us. Certainly the norm of being on social media all the time causes relationship strains, causes physical and mental pain, and some of us are so addicted we couldn’t turn our phones off if we wanted. This is one way that following the pack can be harmful to us individually.

Another example is our current government operations. Corporations are given more say in Congress than the people; key leadership positions given because of loyalty to party or friendship; decisions being made that harm some Americans; these are all normal occurrences in our government and they are hurting our democracy and our nation as a whole.

These are examples of why we must begin acting differently. We must hold our government accountable for their actions and we must invest our time to understand what is being done and how to get out of the mess we are in. Watching and complaining will not get us out of it. As citizens we have a responsibility to expect more, ask critical questions, demand better treatment and support our community leaders when they are accountable and supportive of us.

As a leader, the path I see for our nation is one of community and togetherness. We’ve taken the path of individualism and we see the devastating effects in our children. In fact, the children are telling us to stop the madness! The beauty of community is the diversity that is required to sustain itself. A community needs teachers, doctors, bankers, farmers, artists, and so many other occupations, just as our nation needs these occupations. Our diversity is a strength. And let me be clear, our ethnicity, religion, sexuality, they may make us unique, but they do not make us any more or less American. We all have the United States as our home and it’s time we start working together as one giant community. The time for fighting is past. We must come together and unify in order to move beyond the normal ways that are consuming our children and destroying our American dream.

This path will take putting our selfish ways aside and investing in the bigger picture. If we do not act on behalf of our children, our nation will weaken and be destroyed. If we do not act on behalf of our planet, the human race will be eradicated. If we do not demand justice and equity within our systems, we will continue to divide and find ourselves at war. As a soldier I learned how to get along with people who looked and acted different. We were taught to put our differences aside to accomplish the mission, and that’s exactly what we need to do as a nation.

The mission, should you choose to accept, is to set aside selfishness to ensure prosperity for yourself, your family and our nation.

Will you invest in a new path that values all citizens? I promise as President to rise each day, ready to learn, lead and serve the people of our great country. With momentum and citizens alongside of me, we can accomplish much in a short time. Who is ready to bring your resources to the nation and lead with me? By choosing to stand and lead beside me, you have a say in what our future looks like. There will be plenty of nay-sayers, but it’s those who choose to lead who get to decide what the future looks like. I say our future looks bright. What do you say?

In Gratitude and Hope,
Crystal B