Have you ever been a part of something bigger than yourself and succeeded in your objective? It gives you a sense of power that you can accomplish anything with a team. When every member of a team understands the vision and takes pointed steps to support the vision, success is guaranteed.

Crystal Bergfield is taking a stand and investing in US. 

Crystal does not stand for a party, she stands for the People. She has never been loyal to a party and has always aligned with American values. And with divisive politics, it’s time to move beyond the two party system to elect our President. 

Our campaign is an investment in US. It’s a grassroots, values-based campaign that makes decisions based on our American values of justice, innovation, inclusivity, transparency, and responsibility to the people. This simply means that every decision, every policy and every employee hire is held to a standard of being supportive of all Americans.

We’ve settled for win-lose politics for too long, and it’s time we the people take back control of our nation together.  

This campaign is also an investment proposition for the American people. Our campaign is looking for those Americans who align with our values to join us as we create an executive team and American Army that reflect our values. If you are ready to give 10% of your passion to create 100% prosperity in our country, contact us for our extended business plan.


Being led by an ethical leader who is held accountable to our values allows us to move beyond arguing over the pettiness and put our minds together to solve critical issues. In the Army, Crystal learned “mission first.” Soldiers are taught to put aside the disagreements and differences to complete the mission. And right now we have several critical missions in our country. Our children are being killed, our elders cannot afford care and everyone is trying to hold on to what we have.

We must address our planet and our people, and we must do it with common sense. Leadership isn’t all about legislation. Executive leadership considers our culture and what we value. With values guiding us, we execute on behalf of the people and hold ourselves accountable. Crystal is our leader and our campaign is a collective effort to end corruption in government and bring responsibility back to the people. Basically, we are reestablishing Democracy in America.

How We Solve Problems as a Team

There are too many reckless decisions made by leadership and lack of foresight is an excuse with so much data and history to learn from. Addressing the roots of any problem takes critical analysis and in-depth research. Crystal Bergfield’s administration will approach our responsibilities by using data-based research, ethical guidelines and thoughtful considerations for the consequences of our actions. 

This process show how we approach social and cultural issues that are to be addressed by the executive branch.

This process exposes where we need to give our attention, who needs to be a part of the solution-building, and what tools/technologies need to be implemented.

We are investing in US

We must come back to our core values and allow the values to transform our country.

Responsibility to the People

Our government was formed to support citizens of our great country. Today, deals are being made with corporations and other interest groups at the expense of the people. We are being led by leaders looking to create profit. Our country should be prosperous; but the government should not be profiting off the people. When the people are prosperous, the country will also be prosperous. Crystal’s priority as president is to ensure that every decision is responsible to the people. Her initiatives and policy, her every word and action will urge lawmakers and government leadership to prioritize people before profits. When we put responsibility to the people at the helm, we cannot lose. 


Right now people do not trust the government. As citizens we must be able to trust those who hold our power. Recognizing that without transparency there cannot be trust, Crystal will promote trust-building throughout the executive branch and beyond. Government positions are to be civil servants, to serve the needs of the people. It’s time we elect a president who is trustworthy and who surrounds herself with people who serve the needs of the people and build trust. 


Justice and equity are synonyms and represent fairness. Our nation was built upon the idea of justice for all. Lady Justice stands tall with a blindfold over her eyes, a sword in one hand and balancing scales in the other. The blindfold signifies that justice should be objective and unbiased. Justice in our country is not blind and the scales are not balanced right now. Crystal and her team will fight for justice and equity with every action taken and will attack the systems of inequity to ensure we move forward into a new era of justice for all and equity in all American systems. It can be done and it will be prioritized with Crystal Bergfield as president. 


Change and transformation are natural and guaranteed. What is unnatural is to hold onto existing standards for the sake of profit. Profit has held our country captive for too long and it’s time to move forward with innovation at the helm. Innovation allows us to think of better ways to cure disease, build highways, feed the hungry, and teach our children. Crystal’s team will ensure that each decision is innovative and keeping the United States at the forefront of world achievements in all areas. We have no lack of talent in our country, so it’s time we value our greatness.


We’ve been playing a zero-sum game for too long. It’s time we realize that creating winners and losers in our country is destroying us all. We are one nation and we deserve a president who will address the needs of every American as a priority. We’ve been told that there have to be losers, but I’m here to tell you that is wrong. Under Crystal’s leadership we will not divide ourselves as a nation of Americans any longer. It’s time we see our diversity as an asset and create an America that everyone can be proud of. 


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